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facebook targeting

Targeting on Facebook is the most powerful tool in the digital marketing world today. It gives us the ability to show advertisements to anyone that we choose. With the ability to show advertisements to ONLY certain people based off of categories such as 



  • Distance

  • Zip Code

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Things They "like" on Facebook

  • How Much Money They Make

  • Recent Search Interest ....  & Much Much More!

wh0 is your ideal customer?

Would You Like To Sell An Extra 5-25 Cars A Month?


Facebook/Instagram and Youtube are where everyone's eyes are at these days. If you want to get in front of potential customers there is no better way than Facebook and YouTube in 2020. 

The old days of advertising are gone and in effect compared to other options and tools we have online. If your dealership is not advertising online the right way you are going to miss out on huge profit opportunity 

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facebook engagement

Facebook Engagement Creates Brand Authority


Target Ads using laser-focused audiences based on post, video or photo engagement.


When you have the ability to show advertisements to ONLY your preferred target audience your cost to get results become minimal and your ROI become huge! 

We go a few steps further and create ads that get amazing reactions! 

Want everyone in your town ranting and raving about how much they love your business. Good news! That's exactly what we accomplish.